The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia│Afternoon VIII│

Table of Contents

In 2029, in post-earthquake Japan, people can predict future events with a mysterious quantum computer they use while inhabiting a phantasmal society created by augmented reality. In the city of Tokimeguri, a Special Zone for Reconstruction in the Tohoku area, strange dealings and life-or-death fights occur among the elusive and wealthy Tokihori family, who show an unusually strong interest in time, the police, and an artificial intelligence that creeps in the shadows—each for their own reason. On the night of the summer festival, the protagonist, Torihiko Shiratori, meets Yuyuka, daughter of the Tokihori family, and is dragged into the conflict.
Yuzu, the Tokihori family’s maid, is attacked and detained by Torihiko and bound to a chair in Zundada-Dou, a closed convenience store, while on her way back to the Tokihori residence. Torihiko, the detective and owner of Zundada-Dou, Haori Kiryu, and her assistant, Catalinache Ootsuki, torture Yuzu by forcing her to eat an endless number of zunda mochi (rice cakes with sweet soybean paste).
Due to the torture, Yuzu reveals that while she does not know the location of the Tokihori residence, but she is able to return there by spinning a fidget spinner at a specific place. Torihiko also learns that the hellish augmented reality he created has been made real by the Tokihori family. Torihiko frees Yuzu but secretly follows her, together with Kiryu and Catalinache. It turns out that Yuzu is headed to the radioactive waste treatment facility that stands on the former site of a nuclear reactor where an accident once occurred. There, Yuzu spins a fidget spinner, falls into a hypnotic state, and passes out. Simultaneously, the four layers of doors at the processing facility open, issuing a huge number of maids, along with the head maid, Kirishima. She notices Torihiko’s presence, and he faces off against the horde of armed maids with the gun he received from Kiryu. But just then, he feels something stab into his chest from behind. As Torihiko falls, he sees Yuyuka standing behind him.