The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia│Afternoon VII │

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In 2029, in post-earthquake Japan, people can predict everything about future events with a mysterious quantum computer they use while inhabiting a phantasmal society that is created by augmented reality. In the city of Tokimeguri, a Special Zone for Reconstruction in the Tohoku area, strange dealings and life-or-death fights occur among the elusive and wealthy Tokihori family, who show an unusually strong interest in time, the police, and an artificial intelligence that creeps in the shadows—each for its own reason. On the night of the summer festival, the protagonist, Torihiko Shiratori, meets Yuyuka, daughter of the Tokihori family, resulting in Torihiko being dragged into the conflict.

The body of Ikuno Shinomiya, who died in the line of duty chasing after Yuyuka, lies in an operating room. But when a tank on the operating table opens, she stands and begins to move.
Shinomiya is a living corpse, created by the latest advancements in technology. This is already her fifth revival, and her memories have been reset each time. Only this time, she comes back to life with her memories intact.
Ikuno is reunited with her colleague, Police Superintendent Shogo Kiritani, and the two discuss what it means for a human to maintain his or her sense of self-identity. As this happens, Shokeiko Yamada, an android that assists in police investigations, appears and causes them to discuss whether free will exists in AI-managed humans.
Kiritani puts a stop to the heated discussion, proposing that they share information on the spy they are seeking who is hiding inside the police organization. They reveal that each of them have acquired information on this spy via different routes, and decide to write out the spy’s name for comparison. However, they find that they have written down three different names…