The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia│Afternoon VI│

Table of Contents

In post-earthquake Japan in 2029, people are able to predict everything about the future by using a mysterious quantum computer while they inhabit a phantasmal society created by augmented reality. In the city of Tokimeguri, a Special Zone for Reconstruction in the Tohoku area, strange dealings as well as life-or-death fights take place among the mysterious and wealthy Tokihori family, who show an unusually strong interest in time, the police, and an artificial intelligence that moves in the shadows, each for its own reasons. On the night of the summer festival, our protagonist, Torihiko Shiratori, meets Yuyuka, the daughter of the Tokihori family. This meeting results in him being dragged into this conflict.
With the Tokimeguri-sai festival only a few days away, a pre-festival event is held. Near a shrine buzzing with tourists, Torihiko is spoken to by an old acquaintance, the detective Haori Kiryu. While Torihiko had been locked away in the Tokihori family estate, the Kakuriyo, augmented reality device that he had been ordered to build for the Tokimeguri-sai by Miyu, the wife of the head of the family, had a brainwashing device’s data used on its program that had been developed by a new religion and ordered through a request to Kiryu. When Kiryu asks what the data were being used for, Tokihori confesses to planning a large-scale crime. This involved making use of a unit that was part of the brainwashing device that magnetically stimulated the brain to return human brains to a bicameral mind state, the way they were over 3,000 years ago before the birth of the concepts of awareness and time.
Kiryu decides that he should not intervene in this case and turns down the request to find the location of the Tokihori family estate so that Torihiko can complete the Kakuriyo. However, as they part ways, Yuzu, the Tokihori family maid, happens to pass by. Torihiko swoops down on Yuzu in order to get from her the location of the estate, which is hidden somewhere in spacetime.