The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia│Afternoon V│

Table of Contents

Now in 2029, in post-earthquake Japan, people can predict everything about the future by using a mysterious quantum computer, as they inhabit a phantasmal society created by augmented reality. In the city of Tokimeguri, a special reconstruction zone in the Tohoku area, strange dealings and life-or-death fights take place among the mysterious and wealthy Tokihori family, who show an unusually strong interest in time; the police; and an artificial intelligence that moves in the shadows, each for their own reasons. On the night of the summer festival, our protagonist Torihiko Shiratori meets Yuyuka, the daughter of the Tokihori family. The meeting causes him to be dragged into this conflict. At last, the final part of this story approaches the heart of the mystery surrounding distorted time.
In the Tokimeguri police department’s underground parking lot, Superintendent Shogo Kiritani now confronts a mysterious masked man who has come to steal the corpse of Ikuno Shinomiya, a detective killed in the line of duty while investigating the Dischronia Syndrome incident. The man, who claims to be an employee of the cryonics corporation Cryoracle, states that Ikuno’s soul has already been “backed up,” and that she can be resurrected from her body whether it goes to the police department’s Special Technology Research Division or to Cryoracle.
Meanwhile, Torihiko picks up the right hand of Ikuno’s corpse from the rubble at the explosion site in Tokimeguri-Akiba and then notices that the hand has not decayed despite two days having passed. Not only that, the hand begins to move on its own and escapes from a window, giving Torihiko a glimpse of Ikuno and the police’s secret.
Torihiko seeks out the Tokihori family estate, hidden somewhere in space-time, to explain the mystery of distorted time and to execute his plan of slaughtering Yuyuka at the Tokimeguri-sai festival. A week later, he receives a message from Detective Haori Kiryu stating that the location of the manor has been pinned down, but who could have predicted where it would be.