The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia│Afternoon 3│

Table of Contents

In the post-earthquake Japan of 2029, a mysterious quantum computer enables people to predict everything in the future in their phantasmal society that is created by augmented reality. In the city of Tokimeguri, a special reconstruction zone in the Tohoku area, strange deals as well as a fight to the death takes place between three groups: the mysterious and wealthy Tokihori family, who show an unusually strong interest in time; the police; and an artificial intelligence that moves in the shadows. Each acts for their own reasons. On the night of the summer festival, our protagonist, Torihiko Shiratori, meets Yuyuka, the daughter of the Tokihori family. He finds himself slowly becoming embroiled in the conflict.

Here begins the Afternoon section of the story, which began in Genron 1. It will finally reveal the mystery behind time, as well as the truth behind everyone’s actions.


During his month of confinement in the Tokihori family estate, Torihiko finishes making the kakuriyo augmented reality device used during the Tokimeguri-sai. The kakuriyo is vital in his “Uchronia Plan” to slaughter Yuyuka. After its completion, Torihiko loses consciousness while speaking to the matriarch of the Tokihori family, Miyu, in the family dining hall. When he awakens, he finds himself inside the same limousine in which he was kidnapped and taken to the Tokihori estate. Did his month in the estate really only take place over fifteen minutes? Torihiko is shocked by this reversal of time and demands to be taken back to the estate, but Kirishima, the family maid, kicks him out of the car and leaves. To successfully murder Yuyuka, Torihiko asks detective Haori Kiryu to find the location of the Tokihori home.

Meanwhile, the remains of police detective Ikuno Shinomiya, the police inspector killed while investigating the Dischronia Syndrome incident, have been placed to rest near the Tokimeguri police station; however, the Special Technology Research Division of the police force disinters them to revive her. But then, a mysterious masked man who claims to have been sent from Cryoracle, the cryonics corporation, attacks them to take the corpse. Superintendent Shogo Kiritani reaches for his gun to get Ikuno’s body back, but as he does this, an explosion rips through the underground parking lot of the Tokimeguri police station…