The Pigeon Clock of Disclonia │Afternoon 2│

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The year is 2029. Japan has suffered a major earthquake, and humanity now predicts the entirety of its future using a mysterious quantum computer while inhabiting a phantasmal society generated by augmented reality. Our protagonist, Torihiko, along with the strange characters who surround him, embroil themselves in a strange life-or-death game in this world that involves a conspiracy involving the mysterious Tokihori family, time, and fate. In the Afternoon section (the concluding section) that began in the previous Genron issue, the characters finally come close to unraveling the mystery of warped time. This is the second chapter of this Afternoon section.

While investigating Yuyuka Tokihori, the daughter of the Tokihori family who holds the key to this story, Ikuno Shinomiya, the police inspector who was approaching the center of the Disclonia Syndrome incident, dies in the line of duty leaving Kiritani, her coworker, at a loss.
Meanwhile, still confined to the grounds of the Tokihori estate, Torihiko continues to prepare his Youclonia Plan to slaughter Yuyuka and at last completes work on the kakuryo, an augmented reality device used in the Tokimeguri-sai, a festival central to his plans. However, the Tokihori’s family maid, Kirishima, tells Torihiko that Yuyuka suffers from the rare condition of fatal familial insomnia (FFI), and that she does not have long to live.
W hen Torihiko goes to the Tokihori family dining hall for a typical meal, Yuyuka’s mother, Miyu Tokihori, delights him by telling him a certain important individual w ill come during the Tokimeguri-sai. A s the two debate Yuyuka’s illness, the doorbell rings. The sudden arrival of an unexpected visitor puzzles the inhabitants of the estate.
This individual, who has come to snatch Torihiko back from the estate, begins to ask questions. Where is the estate located ? What is the present time? Just as the full truth about everything involving the estate is about to be told, Torihiko is once again swallowed up by the reversed currents of time…
The Tokihori family, the machine intelligence, the police force, and Torihiko: where are these four wills headed? The shocking “Afternoon” begins its dash to its end.