Introduction to Dark Tourism │9│

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In the summer of 2015, Ide had the opportunity to visit Russia and travel freely for an extended period of time. This article recount s his experiences in Russia in the form of travel writing, particularly in Moscow and St. Petersburg, through the lens of dark tourism. In Moscow, Ide probed the transition from the USSR to the Russian Federation from the perspective of a traveler. He pondred on the kind of traces of the past that can be found in the cityscapes and the words of the people who were liv ing in the Russian cities. The article also discusses how Russia manages the memory of World War II through a discription of the museum exhibitions that the author visited. These exhibitions depict the relationship bet ween Japan and Russia from a perspective different from Japan. They also describe the relationship between China and the USSR as fellow victors over fascism. In St. Petersburg, Ide ruminated on the shift from the Romanov Dynast y to the USSR while observing the way in which political crimes are depicted in museums and a fortress. This article reconstructs the candid thoughts of a tourist unfamiliar with Russia around the theme of modern history.