The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia | Afternoon IX |

Table of Contents

The year is 2029, and in post-earthquake Japan, people can predict future events with a mysterious quantum computer, while living in a phantasmal society created by augmented reality. In the city of Tokimeguri, a Special Zone for Reconstruction in the Tohoku area, strange dealings and life-or-death struggles take place among the elusive and wealthy Tokihori family, who show an unusually strong interest in time, the police, and an artificial intelligence that creeps in the shadows—each for their own reasons. On the night of the summer festival, the protagonist, Torihiko Shiratori, meets Yuyuka, daughter of the Tokihori family, and is dragged into the conflict.

Shogo Kiritani, Ikuno Shinomiya, and their support android Shokeiko Yamada chase after Yuyuka, believing she is a serial killer. As part of their search, they attempt to contact an unknown informant. They each uncover the informant’s identity through different methods, but find there three different ciphers.

As they attempt to solve these ciphers, they receive orders from their higher-ups and go to investigate the Tokihori home. Though suspicious of their GPS pointing to a location in the middle of the sea, they get into an autonomous vehicle that takes them to a radioactive waste processing site along a breakwater. There they are met by the Tokihoris’ maid, whose instructions they follow, rotating fidget spinners as they pass through the breakwater’s tunnel. For some reason, they find a forest before them, and night has turned to day.

Once they pass through the forest and arrive at the family residence, they find Yuyuka’s mother, Miyu, waiting for them. During their conversation with her, Ikuno brings up the possibility that she is the informant, which Miyu admits to. Shocked by Ikuno’s actions, Kiritani begins to check the answers to the ciphers. Doing so brings up three answers: Miyu, the quantum computer known as IZANAMI, and Torihiko…