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Art and Cosmotechnics is a series of articles exploring the variety of experience of art through the concept of cosmotechnics, which I formulated in The Question Concerning Technology in China. Through new interpretations of, for example, the difference between European and Chinese art, these articles will attempt to explore the contribution of cosmotechnics to rethinking the future of art and philosophy in this technological era. The first article, “For a Post-European Philosophy,” presents an outline of the project at large and its continuity from ideas sketched out in earlier work, in particular, Recursivity and Contingency. It begins with a brief exploration of the relationship between what Martin Heidegger called the “end of philosophy” and his later interest in the paintings of Paul Cézanne and Paul Klee as non-metaphysics. An exploration of this relationship allows for a reflection on the necessity of both a pluralist post-European philosophy, and the ways in which an interpretation of art can provide opportunities to speculate on such possibilities.