The Pigeon Clock of Dischronia│Afternoon 1│

Table of Contents

Torihiko, our protagonist, has a love of things that are absolutely wrong. One day, he meets a girl named Yuyuka Tokihori, formulates a murderous plan, and begins to get closer to her so that he might execute that plan. After successfully sneaking into her house, Torihiko begins performing mysterious jobs given to him by the master of the house.
A few days after Torihiko and Yuyuka meet, strange deaths begin to occur in the town where the Disa*Stars are suffering from Disclonia Syndrome, which has abruptly aged them by hundreds of years. Ikuno Shinomiya, a 20-year-old brilliant young police inspector in Tokimeguri city, loves zombies and games. She begins to investigate the case together with her partner, the Metropolitan Police Department’s cat-eared maid robot Shokeiko Yamada (nicknamed “Shoketan”), only to learn that Yuyuka Tokihori is the serial murderer. At the suggestion of the quantum computer Artificial Intelligence IZANAMI, they head to Tokimeguri-Akiba to meet the Observer of Time, but the mysterious detectives Kiryu and Catherinache appear and decapitate Shokeiko. After she is somehow revived, they head to Tokimeguri-Akiba. Waiting for them is the black rabbit Mimiko, who attacks Ikuno together with a sleepwalking Yuyuka. Then, Mimiko activates a bomb placed inside the Radio Kaikan. Now suffering from fatal wounds, Ikuno meets the Observer of Time as time is brought to a halt. The Observer of Time possesses both form and power beyond imagination…but that power is still not enough, and Ikuno dies. Around the same time, Torihiko puts the final touches on kakuryo, or an augmented realty device, he prepares for the demon festival known as the “Tokimeguri-sai”…